industrial design

Developed by LED Enterprise of Japan, Huug is a unique lighting fixture in the shape of an oval with LED illuminants which are only a few millimeters wide so they can be tucked away from the surface of the light, hidden from sight.

Currently available in the Sky (ceiling recessed) and Air (ceiling suspended) models, Huug emphasizes the flexibility and potential of using LED in lighting design to illuminate interior spaces.

Light source of Huug001 is set at the center of the fixture upwards so that the light is reflected from the oval shaped dish giving the effect of indirect lighting. This is exactly the balance of light and shadow that the Japanese have cherished.

What I love about Huug other than its minimal, inconspicuous design, is that the light is developed around the technology to achieve the softness in lighting and shadows for illuminating interior spaces. And that you will not have to change a lightbulb for a really long time. You can follow Huug's updates on their Facebook page.

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