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Swedish design studio Kauppi & Kauppi—led by duo Johan and Nina—approaches design and communication in all scales, from spatial projects to small tactile objects. Their latest offering comes in the form of a collection of generously proportioned ottomans, named Hygge. A whispering design expression that embraces the challenge of long-lasting function and aesthetics.

This collection is Kauppi & Kauppi’s first collaboration with the esteemed Swedish wooden furniture producer Karl Andersson & Söner. Inspired by a sailing trip to the Danish island Læsø, the collection of ottomans resembles an abstract indoor archipelago.

The Hygge seating islands comes in three sizes with three selectable accessories—all connected to the extended solid wooden legs. The large sized ottomans offer a space to be shared by one, two, or more individuals. Form follows function with this design—the character and area of use of Hygge changes depending on the chosen accessory. The round shape proposes the ottomans to be placed in the centre of interiors. Repeated in numbers and varied in sizes, the Hygge islands can create dynamic groups resembling an indoor, on-land, archipelago. Seating islands for a short break, a rest, a conversation, or a coffee when waiting for the mobile phone to be recharged. Johan Kauppi explains:

The Hygge family of furniture is developed to leave a lot of options open for interior designers to play with. Its flexibility in use, functionality and expression will easily lend itself to interiors in a broad range of styles. Fully dressed in black it will signal a minimalist and strong attitude, while a blond soft material and surface choice will emphasise and flirt more with the Scandi-soft tradition.

The diagonally armrest creates a sympathetic support for every individual who appreciate a sturdy grip when rising. An attractive detail in interiors with a certain focus and attention on care. The collection also includes a small round personal table and a long table. Crossing the large ottoman, the rectangular table divides the seating area into two sections. An inviting spot for placing a coffee, magazine for reading while waiting in a lounge, or vases with freshly cut flowers.

This collaboration places a strong focus on design, durability, and sustainability. Nina Kauppi explains:

It is a delight to collaborate with a producer where every project and piece of furniture starts with a raw plank in their own production. An ambitious approach to both craftsmanship and company culture—exemplified in their use of solar energy and their own production of veneer. These are values we aimed to reflect when designing Hygge.

The production of the collection sees the use of high-tech CNC, combined with the skilled hands of cabinetmakers and local upholsterers. The Cold-cured foam cushion is designed with a convex bombé shape, creating a surface with a generous softness, highlighting the character and texture of the chosen fabric or leather.

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