House Aroma Diffuser

industrial design

One of the more fascinating elements in design is the interchanging inspirations.

House Aroma Diffuser, designed by a collaboration between 11+ and Cloud and Co, takes inspiration from minimal architecture and turns itself into a miniature prototype. The two design firms, which are based in Korea, wanted to reimagine the common household definition to produce functional, affordable, and delectable products — such as the House Aroma Diffuser.

Using the vibration of ultrasonic waves to distribute the mist throughout a space, the humidifier will create a gentle atmosphere. Along with a subtle LED light on the interior, users will be notified of its operational status. When sprouting out mist, there is a sense of an occupied Alpine cabin, giving warmth during the cold season. One sustainable aspect to this product is its automatic knowledge of shutting off when running out of oil, giving another meaning to comfort. Tightly wrapped in an equally minimal and quirky package, this diffuser is a perfect holiday gift for design-savvy people.

Upon the first time I laid eyes on the House Aroma Diffuser, I was completely taken by its playful form. Simple and direct, the design has found its way into my favourites list and my shopping cart.

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