Inside Instagram: Marja Wickman


Marja Wickman is an art director from Finland. She also runs Musta Ovi (The Black Door) — a blog focused on house building and Scandinavian design. We take a closer look at Marja’s striking photographs of her beautifully styled home and gain a small insight into how such a collection has materialised.

What is the inspiration behind your minimalist photo collection?
The bright and spacious layout of our house is the main source of the inspiration behind my minimalist photo collection. I have photographed our brand new house with each construction phase until this moment.

How does your surroundings impact your creativity?
Surrounding nature and all the white and light spaces as well as the contrasts and simple forms inspire me. Various architectural solutions capture my attention as well.

When and how do you decide to take a photo?
The most important is the light. When you capture the moment, when the light comes from the right angle, is magical. Just about anything else is not needed!

What are your favourite words on minimalism?
“The simplest things are often the truest.” — Richard Bach, 1936

Would you like the opportunity to have your minimalist Instagram collection featured? Please use the hashtag #minimalissimo on any photo you capture.

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