Bentu Lamp Collection

industrial design

Lamps and lighting in general are versatile additions to your room. It is a key element of architectural and interior design. More than just a practical convenience, the lighting in your home or working environment affects how good and comfortable you feel.

Bentu is an independent Chinese design brand that was founded in 2011 and specialises in minimalist lamp and furniture design. The brand is focused on innovation, combining design with manufacturing abilities. Through a series of experiments and exploration, Bentu makes each material return to its natural state by revealing its original texture, as in this case; the use of exposed concrete.

The collection currently includes seven different styles of lamps which represent how the concrete material is versatile and how it can become a great material choice for a minimalist accessory. All the products represent a very thoughtful concept which includes environmental issues and sustainability. The lamps bring a sense of precision and calmness into its surrounding environment.

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