JAJU Air Purifier


The importance of purified air is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Particularly in condensed urban environments with high levels of pollution and poor air quality. Purifying the air around us is something everyone will benefit from, particularly those who suffer from allergies. We have greater control of this indoors by removing contaminants from the air by design. Air Purifiers are perhaps not sexy homeware products, but that is not to say they can’t offer a complimentary aesthetic to a space.

Seoul-based design office, SWNA, has designed a small air purifier with JAJU as the first product to reflect Korea's lifestyle. The simple and light appearance of the JAJU air purifier fits in different indoor settings harmoniously, and is designed in an optimised size for small domestic spaces. The air purifier was designed in a simplified form so that anyone can easily replace the dust filters.

The simple stereoscopic pattern of corrugated cardboard is reminiscent of the flow of air and was initially applied to paper mock-ups to refine its proportion and form compared to the inner component that contains the actual product.

After repeated refinements and development to the form of the purifier’s casing, SWNA decided to opt for a rounded square to give the air purifier a stabilised and soft-edged structure.

Established in 2009, SWNA develops design projects in the fields of objects, environment, and strategy. Self-proclaimed three-dimensional thinkers, innovators, and groundbreakers who have been worked with diverse global brands.

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