Silver Button

art & illustration

Transitions can become tricky affairs, especially when a career based on creativity is in question. As for each field, the creator requires a different kind of awareness. With that in mind, Simon Freund managed to carve his own little niche from fashion designer to conceptual artist. The series, made of twenty objects, is a great starting point to understanding his craft. It's a mix of minimalism with the fearless drive to tackle the unexpected.

Silver Button is as unassuming as can be. A lone button is carefully protected by a striking black frame. The playfulness comes in spades when an item that is intrinsically common, and of easy access, is met with an absolute boundary. The minimalist sensibility comes through via the visual composition validated by a salient white passepartout — a graceful spotlight for the meek accessory. Essentially, for the restless observer to touch the button, one would need to destroy the oeuvre. To limit the access to what is such a common, and often manipulated object, is to explicit the role of art as a possible divisive factor between the craft and the audience. The silver-clad piece is one of many objects Freund dextrously constructed for a series of art pieces worthy of exploration, many sporting sharp visual elements and a welcome minimalist sensibility.

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