JPS Gallery + Workshop

Barcelona, Spain
Deza Setién
David Zarzoso

Renowned architect Deza Setién has unveiled the design of the JPS Gallery headquarters in Barcelona, nestled within the vibrant industrial setting of the Poble Nou district. The design ethos is all about simplicity and clarity. The space is meticulously crafted with a uniform approach, making it easy for visitors to navigate.

The building's layout is divided into three distinct zones. Firstly, there's the exhibition space, strategically positioned right at the entrance. This area is designed to showcase a range of captivating works, including those produced in the adjacent workshop. A central corridor serves as a vital link between the exhibition area and the service block. Here, subdued lighting and lowered ceilings create a unique journey, building anticipation as you transition into the illuminated workshop area.

The workshop itself is arranged symmetrically, following the existing structural framework. The central through-beam acts as the core axis, allowing for identical organisation on both sides. This symmetry extends to zoning, workspace distribution, lighting arrangements, central volume placement, and voids.

The central volume, featuring two perpendicular planes, operates independently and introduces a clever spatial division by rotating 45 degrees relative to the structure. This not only adds a dynamic element but also facilitates natural light permeation throughout the workshop. Beyond its minimalist aesthetics, this central volume efficiently accommodates the users' needs, ensuring their work processes run seamlessly.

Deza Setién's architectural intervention is a testament to the commitment to simplicity and focus on the visitor's experience. The space remains intentionally unfinished, awaiting the art that will soon take centre stage, letting the content shine without distractions.

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