Offset Dining Table


The Offset Table is a bold and heavy-duty furniture piece which displays the beauty of solid oak in generous proportions. Designed by Philippe Malouin, each Offset leg attaches to the table top by way of an off-centre threaded connector—ensuring that each leg finally rests in an individualistic position. Solid, stable, and hardwearing, this table will last a lifetime. Available in natural solid Oak in standard measures as 1600mm x 800mm, can also be made to order in a range of sizes up to 2800mm x 1200mm.

This beautiful table is produced by Resident, a global design company from New Zealand, founded in 2011 by Simon James and Scott Bridgens. Resident’s furniture and lighting are for design-conscious people who are passionate about the way they live. The highest level of refinement is pursued in each object, while also holding the unique fingerprint of the designer.

The unique form and strength of Offset Dining Table is a particular highlight—an object that can harmonise with a room or act as a deliberate contrast.

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