JR Loft


From time to time some projects deserve a second look. That is when Minimalissimo revisits outstanding pieces from the past. Take a look at this beauty originally covered over 3 years ago:

Belgium's contemporary architecture is slowly making its way up trendhunter's lists; as many creatives turn heads with an unique flair to mix the vibrancy of the local art and design scene with influences from aboard. Following that wave, Nicolas Schuybroek Architects offers their view for JR Loft, a charming mix of Nordic influences with the richness of the European cosmopolitan sensibility.

The central argument is rooted on interior design as the heart of the loft, as each ambient beams with confidence for each chosen piece. The architect manages to curate an interesting variety of textures and materials for each design piece, all the while retaining lightness and the necessary amplitude in all rooms. As leather and wood demands attention, a slight rustic feel breaks the usual austereness of the white box. Finally, it is worth noting the attention to detail as every room highlights a design piece as the focal point visually; a stage design manoeuvre very well adjusted to daily life.

Noted by French magazine Architectural Digest in the 2013 Collector Issue as one of the 100 best interior designers, Nicolas Schuybroek had decorated the loft with furniture from Jean Prouvé to Pierre Jeanneret, adding a little mid-century personality to this minimalist loft.

Minimalissimo will certainly continue to keep an eye on Belgium for their interesting take on minimalism. Schuybroek's vision is a welcome addition to the rapidly growing list.

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