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Michelle Wentworth

Breaking the idea that minimal architecture has to be sparse or uncomfortable, Michelle Wentworth has curated a timeless aesthetic that begs to be experienced visually and tangibly. Her varied portfolio features designs that are bold and handsome while exuding warmth and subtlety. Wentworth believes that: “taking a minimalist approach to interior architecture and design does not preclude warmth, luxury, or comfort but instead contributes to it”.

Working and living in the eccentric city of Boulder, Colorado, Wentworth draws inspiration from the bountiful natural beauty in the varied wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. As in nature, Wentworth’s designs are paired down to their true essence. It is clear that every piece is purely intentional; no random elements have been allowed to infiltrate. Her palette juxtaposes black and white, natural and man-made. Perhaps these contrasting elements symbolise our internal struggles of absence vs. abundance, restraint vs. wildness. Repetitive design elements flow through the dwellings, prevalent in both the interiors and exteriors. This rhythm of materials ties the various aspects of a project together, resulting in an absolute composition. Wentworth’s designs are full of pure sculptural forms that beg comparison to the work of Donald Judd or Ellsworth Kelly.

Straightforward and unpretentious, Designer’s Studio incorporates many of the elements that makes Michelle Wentworth’s work outstanding. Rich natural materials, such as Carrara marble and dark woods, add a touch of luxury to the interior architecture. Soft lighting and a monochrome colour palette support the residing designer’s work. Limited and thoughtful furnishings allow space for easy living and working. This simple and austere dwelling provides the perfect space to let the creativity flow.

The Art Collector’s Residence features a modern interior in a rather traditional home. Like much of Wentworth’s work, the material selection was inspired by nature, specifically the context of this site, located at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The arid landscape is incorporated into the interior through the use of colour and texture. A sleek, modern finish defines the living areas, wrapping itself around the fireplace and continuing through the entirety of the room. Artwork and furnishings by notable artists and designers bring character to the home and showcase the personality of the residents. The interior design provides a harmonious backdrop for these pieces, contributing to the owner’s collection without distracting from it.

Wentworth’s works exhibit a sensitive response to the site, whether expressed through scale, material, or form. The austere residences are beautiful additions to the western US landscape. Every detail is executed with upmost precision, revealing a level of thoughtfulness not often understood in your average structure. Michelle Wentworth’s designs express a stand-out minimalist aesthetic that will be enjoyed for years to come. We sat down with her to discuss influences and the role minimalism plays in her work and beyond.

This article was originally published in Minimalissimo Nº2

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