Eelderwolde, Drenthe, Netherlands
Francois Verhoeven Architecten
Lighting Design
Studio Anderlicht
Francois Verhoeven

Located in the North of the Netherlands, the K2 house, designed by Francois Verhoeven Architecten, stands out as a striking example of minimalist design and sustainable living for a family of five. Built with wood-frame construction due to the seismic activity caused by natural gas extraction, the K2 house departs from traditional brick construction, ensuring resilience and a contemporary look.

Architecturally, the K2 house is designed for both form and function. Most of its glass facades face south, optimising natural light, while an overhang on the south facade prevents overheating in summer and invites sunlight in winter. Solar panels and a geothermal heat pump ensure minimal energy consumption. What's remarkable is the discreet placement of the solar panels, concealed on the roof, presenting a commitment to both sustainability and aesthetics, proving that clean energy sources can blend harmoniously with the environment.

Material choices emphasise low maintenance and natural aging. Predominantly wooden, concrete, and anodised aluminium, the house will gracefully evolve over time, with wood turning grey and aluminium and concrete remaining almost unchanged.

The K2 house's spacious entrance hall serves as the central space connecting all parts of the house, designed to be more than functional; it welcomes guests and residents alike. The house's minimalist details, free of gutters and roof edges, contribute to its unique character and spatial quality. Window frames are seamlessly integrated into the walls and concealed behind wooden siding, creating an unobstructed view.

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