Sherlock Lamp

industrial design

Outofstock’s Sherlock Lamp combines thin lines and innovation in illumination. The Sherlock Lamp takes its name from a nod to the nostalgia abounding the stories of the famous detective. The formal relationship between the lamp and that of a magnifying glass, are obvious, but also quite subtle. The thin rim of illumination used to provide power to the head of the lamp is considered and of conscious and intended thought.

Based out of Barcelona, Singapore and Buenos Aires, Outofstock's curated collection of designed elements, things and gadgets brings together pieces, otherwise not seen. The Sherlock Lamp is but one. Standing as a floor lamp, this piece has a black powder-coated metal based and utilised LED technology to create a ring of sculptural and lighted adornment. The muted result of this Sherlock Lamp pays a nice homage to the subtleness of the detective himself.

Photography courtesy of Outofstock.

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