industrial design

Architecture, interior, objects: As soon as a designer — or in this case a trained architect — has found a style, an individual form of expression, working in the above categories mainly differs in terms of complexity, not so much in terms of accessibility. Furthermore, it is very easy to grasp why an architect might want a building or flat to be of one stroke from the roof to every object it will be equipped with.

Max Voytenko of Line Studio is one of those people who finds value in creating not only the bigger picture but also the mundane details. Like a wall clock. With KLIPP he definitely makes a point. Reduced to just the clock hands made from a bent steel rod and a small case housing the quartz movement, the KLIPP clock is finished with a thorough powder coating.

Reducing the silhouette of the clock to its most recognisable, generic aspects gives Max Voytenko the chance to play with even the strongest colours without losing the impression of consciously determined minimalism. For me, this meticulous design would be one reason to go back to actually having a clock on the wall, instead of reading the time from devices like my phone or my laptop. Because it would just be much more fun!

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