For a special edition of leather accessories called Zip-it, family-run Italian leather goods brand dudubags collaborated with Venezia-based design studio Zaven. Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno of Zaven focused on one specific goal while working on the collection: to reduce the shape and the details of established leather goods to their very essence, while still creating new shapes that would be of practical as well as aesthetic benefit. By using the zipper on bags and wallets as visual borderlines to the monochrome square shapes, they achieve exactly that goal.

A decorative element that defines borders and openings, the zip frames modular geometrics in full colours. — Zaven

While the delightfully soft touch of the high quality dudubags leather can not only be felt but also visually experienced in the design—the squares give away the nature of the material—everything else is rigidly minimalist. Even the playful colour palette of orange, green, blue, brown and black is framed so well that the collection still keeps a focused and essential appearance. Even though the visual aesthetics are obviously the focal point of this collaboration, none of the functionality that is so fundamentally necessary to everyday objects, such as bags and wallets, is taken away. On the contrary, it seems like Enrica and Marco succeeded in working around the limited options with these leather goods, and actually improved their versatility.

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