The KM Table


The KM Table, designed by french architect Jean Nouvel is a narrow 85cm wooden table, made to measure, with a minimum length of 4m. The example exhibited here measures 6m 35, according to the dimensions of the gallery.

The extraordinary proportions of the table are determined by a constructive principle whereby its span is miraculously supported within the thickness of the material itself, which is a lamination of oak and hornbeam. With this building technique, any length of table is imaginable, even one kilometre...The table is produced in Italy by Unifor.

Like many of his modernist predecessors who worked across related disciplines, Nouvel describes himself as an architect who also makes design.

Jean Nouvel says:

The key word of my work is elementariness. I’m rather looking for singularities and traits linked to simple functions. I have a special affection for tables because a table is a simple thing, but it is not because it’s simple that it is easier to do.

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