House on Prenzlauer Berg


House on Prenzlauer Berg is an interior renovation project in Berlin. Interior and industrial design studio Loft Kolasiński completed the renovation of the interior, furnishings, terrace and garden. This single studio design results in a lovely home where every detail has purpose and beauty.

Grey dominates the interior finishes: the floors, ceilings, and stairs are comprised of polished concrete while lighter walls and cabinetry add brightness. Light wood furnishings add a natural touch; the unstained wood is casual yet elegant. Adding softness was a priority in the furniture design. Light grey and white fabrics abound, begging the user to curl up in the various seating arrangements. A bit of colour is incorporated with vintage rugs and artworks.

In an otherwise simple home, the staircase stands out as a bold design touch. The elegant white form is enclosed in a glass cube, allowing the stairs to integrate into the various rooms. With its glass walls the staircase becomes a key aesthetic feature. House on Prenzlauer Berg is a lovely dwelling that feels cohesive, chic, and comfortable.

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