industrial design

Estragon’s L242 speaker for VONSCHLOO combines a purposed 360-degree design with refined functionality. The emphasis for the design was material and finish, however formally the cone-shape was inspired by the Folle, an archaic sound object that has been used in the Swiss Alps for centuries to call the Alpsegen. Composed of composite cement, wood, metal and fabric, the L242 is beautifully crafted using tested traditional methods. Each of the materials were selected specifically for how they work together as part of a greater whole, both in terms of audio output and creating an aesthetic that encouraged engagement.

Designed as a sound object that can be placed freely, the emphasis, while on materiality, is on the formal curation of all of the elements, tradition and innovation, coming together. The cone shape in particular gives birth to incredible sound and performance of the highest quality to allow for fatigue-free listening. Switzerland-based Estragon has engineered the L242 immaculately with disciplined accuracy. Available in floor and shelf-standing models, the detailing, innovation and dedication to the utilisation of minimalist materiality, has resulted in a finely tuned accompaniment to any considered space.

Photography courtesy of VONSCHLOO and Estragon.

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