HODINA x Minimalissimo


There’s something incredibly rewarding to design a tangible and functional product. It’s something our team at Minimalissimo has been interested in doing more of, beyond our printed magazine. That’s why we collaborated with our friends at HODINA to create the archetypal timepiece—a minimalist unisex watch.

Through shared values of simplicity, aesthetic design, and functionality, the HODINA x Minimalissimo watch has been designed with subtly engraved markers and branding, and its strap is made from Italian vegetable-tanned leather. The sapphire glass displays a beautiful sheen.

Minimalism for us means living a simple, well-curated, and clutter-free life. That applies to how we manage our time, what we wear, and ultimately how we perceive the world. When you focus on what is important, you realise that what remains doesn’t really need to be there. This philosophy is represented in our final design.

The watch case design is inspired by a smooth rock that you would find at the shore of an ocean. The brushed dial is inspired by raw industrial steel materials. We went with white contrasted on black because it highlights your focus on what is important; the hands and the date. The Italian leather is reputable and ages well so we knew we needed this important element. Additional details, such as the sapphire glass, surgical steel, and watch movement, was simply inspired behind the thinking Quality over Quantity.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this watch, we’d love and appreciate your support. There is also a special super early bird price for those of who are quick. Many thanks from all at Minimalissimo.

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