FR-1 Bike Saddle

Evan Gray, Matthew Macindoe
Frame Cycles
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Glasgow-based Frame Cycles introduces their first saddle, the FR-1, a unique blend of cork and titanium. This innovative and minimalist saddle harnesses the natural qualities of cork—durability, comfort, and water resistance—to eliminate the need for plastic components in a modern bike seat.

After an extensive two-year journey experimenting with various cork densities and formulas, Frame Cycles unveiled the initial FR-1 prototypes at the 2022 Handmade Bike Show Bespoked. Seeking valuable input from the cycling community, they spent the next year refining and testing the design. Now, the FR-1 is readily available for purchase on the Frame Cycles website.

The finished product is not only eco-conscious but also vegan-friendly. Crafted using sustainably sourced Portuguese cork, it contributes to the preservation of cork oak forests, which play a crucial role as a habitat and carbon sink.

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