LCP Lounge Chair

Maarten van Severen
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The LCP lounge chair, also known as the 6040 model, is a remarkable piece of furniture crafted by Belgian designer Maarten van Severen for the renowned Italian furniture brand, Kartell in 2002.

What sets the LCP chair apart is its construction; it's crafted from a single mould of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). This unique design technique allows the chair to fold back upon itself, resulting in a sleek and seamless form that challenges conventional notions of what a lounge chair can be.

The key to this ingenuity lies in an exclusive technology that permits such flexibility while preserving the chair's striking purity of form. Measuring at 100cm in length, 65cm in depth, and 48.5cm in width, and weighing a mere 18.8kg, the LCP chair is a study in minimalism.

Maarten Van Severen, the creative mind behind this minimalist masterpiece, was an architect by training. He embarked on his journey into furniture design in 1986 and, by the following year, had already established his own independent workshop. In this space, he focused on limited, semi-industrial production of his furniture designs, allowing him to maintain a close connection between the design and production processes.

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