Le Temps Pâtisserie


To eat a dessert, one dives into a moment of joyful self-indulgence. Most commonly, at the very end of lunch or dinner; almost like a reward to be unveiled to the deserving patron. Often influenced by European culture, such as the French and Belgian Patisseries, the architecture that houses pastries and sweets does follow a trend to obey to colours and heavy textures on the walls and furniture. One might say, many flirt with child-friendly visuals as their main hook.

On the other side of the spectrum stands Le Temps Pâtisserie, located in the repurposed factory zone in Fuzhou, China. An unapologetic minimalist boutique drawn by DC Design, showcasing its patisseries on a white canvas, presented with pride to shine through with their brightness and colours. As each dessert sits on the glass counter, the surrounding ambient bows down and works in favour to elevate the product as the main attraction.

An interesting relay between black and white is unfurled throughout, as double height ceilings and playful light fixtures dare to bid for the visitor's attention as well. The geometric compositions are influenced by modernism, and so expectedly, it is a spacious and relaxing environment. The lounges feature muted colours, with a sprinkle of pink and grey as the focal point in interior design.

There is no nostalgia to play with this time around—Le Temps Pâtisserie puts forth its creations with pride and lets them speak for themselves. An unexpected minimalist variation awarding the space with a luxurious charm.

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