Oblong Watch

industrial design

Recognising the importance of new endeavours and dynamics in the market, Minimalissimo features outstanding Kickstarters for products we believe are worthy of a closer look:

Danish brand Bulbul is no stranger to sleek watches, as two previous iterations are already available to the public at large. As the famous Swiss precision is mixed with the absolutely stylish design known from Denmark, each watch is guaranteed to sport high quality build. Oblong is the rectangular watch of the family, taking head-on the classic format with an undeniable contemporary twist.

The minimalist choice in design, as simplification goes, is quite smart. Two points were elected as reference for the user — 12’o and 6’o clock. A sweet spot between the absolutely flat variations and the archetypal numbered variation. The attention to detail is king, as Italian leather, steel mesh from Pforzheim in Germany and sapphire crystal collaborate to fashion a solid product for daily use.

Designer Lars Larsen from Kilo Design, the author behind the time piece, showed outstanding restraint and respect to the iconic format. The minimalist approach holds its own ground, especially when eight variations are put forth and all of them feel as cohesive and nimble as the next. As the final manoeuvre for the inconspicuous user, the signature blue mark is present in the small silicone loop. This is smart design combined with flawless branding, to great effect.

You can check out the Kickstarter to pre-order yours and show your support.

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