Lighthouse Residence


Lighthouse Residence is an elegant family home located in South Korea. The home is designed by Leeslist, an architecture studio also based out of South Korea.

The dwelling is located on its own plot, but the area is expected to grow and become crowded with houses in the near future. With this in mind, the architects designed the structure to maximise privacy. Most of the home's exterior walls are opaque, with select openings to capture the light. A private courtyard is nestled on the ground floor, its tall walls provide an outdoor space that is protected from the street. Large windows focus on the courtyard so as to provide a connection between the home and nature. Two more terraces, cleverly located along the sides of the home, but still within the exterior walls, provide an indoor-outdoor living experience.

The interior is simple: the main living area and study stretches the full length of the left side of the home. A bedroom suite is tucked away on the smaller right side, while a set of stairs leads to two more bedrooms on the second story. Soft wood floors pair neatly with white walls, while the carefully placed windows provide plenty of sunlight to the living areas.

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