Little Disk Hard Drives

industrial design

During 5 years London based studio Industrial Facility and LaCie worked together on Little Disk Hard Drives. The project covered over 10 product variations, ranging from 1.3” to 2.5” drives, and capacity’s from 30GB to 1TB, leading to a holistic design language. They aimed to liberate the drives of all unnecessary details, and making them more reliable.

Some might say the products were too simple –  but over time, they created a greater sense of value and relevance for their application.

The hard drives, varying sizes and capacity, are small minimalist boxes without joints or hinges. When you remove the cover, an integrated USB cable, sockets, a back-up synchronisation button, adapters and voltage plugs are revealed. Each hard drive is made from ABS Plastic. For the makers it was important that the drives involved no paint in their finishing, resulting in easier recycling of parts, and a more authentic wearing of use over time.

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