Living Light

industrial design

Nissa Kinjalina’s Living Light is an interesting play on form and function. Each piece is conceived on the idea of having poured the light into the frame. The resulting forms embody a still in time almost, and the illuminated elements act as floating forms in a curated fusion of geometric lines. Available in three varying sizes and slightly varied shapes, the series can be arranged in infinite ways spatially.

The light that is created from these pieces provides a constant mass of illumination across the pieces as they provide light. The idea is that each piece can be easily transported in the spaces that they are placed, is also uniquely considered by the designer. The light element is encased in the lower part from different sides with a thin matte acrylic and this creates a housing for transport and reconfiguration. Combining innovation and pushing the ideas of what lighting can do and add to our spaces, Kinjalina is one to watch.

Photography courtesy of Nissa Kinjalina.

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