Maapilim Store


Located in the upscale neighbourhood of Nolita, in New York, a quaint and understated store stands in the middle of the noise and bustle. Acting as a quiet retreat, Maapilim Store is a clear reminder of how a retail experience can embody the serenity of an entirely different region in a single glance. The project is the result of true collaboration between the brand’s internal team and the commissioned Craft & Bloom Studio, responsible for the interior design.

Maapilim is a grooming brand originally founded in Tel Aviv, incorporating strong influences of the region’s identity through the chosen materials in its line of products of natural oils, extracts, and aromas. To premiere its presence on US soil, the brand decided to proudly showcase a mix of Israeli and Greek heritage through the iconic white rooftop garden aesthetics. The white colour was applied with no reservations, making for a distinctive minimalist ambient in a street full of dark contrasting colours and textures.

The creative choice to not only flaunt the Mediterranean-inspired shapes, white stones on the floor, and portals, but to also employ the much-important rustic ceramics throughout, makes this store wonderfully welcoming and refreshing. Made by Avi Ben Shushan, the earthy and light-coloured pottery is the final touch to bring to life a remix of a traditional dwelling to a contemporary setting. Maapilim Store truly is an extension of the brand’s ideals and vision through architecture.

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