Maison du Parc

la SHED Architecture
Maxime Brouillet

Refined, luxurious, and cohesive are a few choice words that one could easily use to describe Montreal’s Maison du Parc. Elegant, sophisticated, and grand are three more. In fact, there are not enough adjectives to describe the skilful work by la SHED Architecture. Located opposite a park in Montreal, Maison du Parc is a home transformed by a masterful top to bottom renovation.

There is an old-world elegance to the exterior of Maison du Parc. This is surely due to la SHED’s careful restoration of the facade. While there are a few changes, such as the painted white brick and window additions, the facade retains its traditional ethos.

Maison du Parc’s most compelling feature is by far the home's staircase. The staircase, both the literal and symbolic centre, unfolds dramatically through three stories. Flowing throughout the dwelling, the staircase is illuminated by a skylight positioned just above. The translucent stair rail filters the light as it passes through the structure, creating a soft diffused glow. The physical space it takes up is much more than is usually allotted to staircases today, as well as its prevalent location in the home, it displays just how important this piece is to the overall design. Art as architecture is always bound to end up on our favourites list, and Maison du Parc’s sculptural staircase fits the bill perfectly.

The floor plan is laid out in a traditional manner, an easy nod to the structure’s historic past. Positioned at the front of the home, the living room is organised around a white-marble fireplace. Much like the stairs, the fireplace is a striking feature at the centre of the room, further highlighting the architects’ flair for drama.

The kitchen’s plan feels more modern, in part due to the expansive wall of glazing that overlooks the backyard. White marble is used again on the extra-large island, and black fixtures and cabinets accentuate the stone. The contrast between black and white is used often in Maison du Parc, and the combination lends a theatrical air to the interior design. Just beyond the kitchen, the dining room provides plenty of space for entertaining, an activity that is of great importance to the residents. Furnished with a long, elegant walnut table and matching chairs, the dining set is a brilliant addition to the greys and whites of the kitchen.

Visible from every angle in the kitchen and dining rooms is the stunning wall of glass. In view of the back courtyard, the windows wash the interior in natural light, as well as provide a flash of the impeccable landscaping at every turn. Outside, the journey ends with a hotel-style terrace complete with pool and lush landscaping.

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