Manual Collection

art & illustration

Agata Bieleń’s Manual Collection is a series of articulated graphic artworks, as an extension of her process and aesthetic as a designer. Trained as an interior designer and architect, she is known for the impeccably minimal and considered subtleness of her jewellery collections. Her collections are lines in space, but her process based on a core of sketch is always first; hence these Point Line and Dot Work collections. The emphasis on simplicity and its connection to beauty is clear in all her works, and even more so in these pieces. Her ethos whereby beauty is the harmony of purpose and form, she is adamant about stopping moments, catching deep breaths and operating with simple means. In all aspects of what it embodies to be minimal, Bieleń is a living and breathing honest version of it, and her work, a seamless extension of that brand.

The concept for this collection isn’t notional, or themed, instead it is a pure experimentation of her process where she wants the pieces to defend themselves, and for everyone to find something in them, their own individual story. Emphasis is on the process of contemplation, dot after dot, line after line, ink on paper, honestly and naturally. The resulting Manual Collection sees a series of dots and lines that are connected, through space, through thought and time; incredibly minimal and beautiful.

Founded in 2010, Agata Bieleń has created an incubator of thoughtfulness and restraint. Her play on lines in space, and as objects to wear as a form of expression, manifests in some beautiful moments. This Collection was envisaged for use by interior space creators and users alike, to aid in individuality pairing of space and style. Varied, subtle and beautiful, these pieces add incredible value to space, as an extension of a minimal all-encompassing philosophy.

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