Signature Kitchen


One of the most difficult things in design is to reinvent—to deconstruct something that is functionally familiar and giving it a facelift with a more innovative appearance.

Modern kitchens nowadays are superimposed with a horizontal image. However, for Belgian architect Glenn Sestig, the new kitchen design for interiors brand Obumex does not have to conform to the typical model. Breaking away from the glossy and horizontal planes is a monolithic and minimal volume of stone that makes up the “Signature Kitchen”. Two vertical columns frame the entire space while acting as a cupboard and a corresponding sink. Lines of indentations run across this object to lighten up the structure, lessening the heavy material. The hived-pattern across stone slabs also contribute to this weightlessness, giving an elegance to the edgy design.

Upon studying this marvel further, I come to appreciate the contrast between masculinity and femininity that the designer has created. Function and aesthetic have come together to create a neutral harmony.

Signature Kitchen, with its fitting name, demands to be the central focus in a dwelling. Considered one of the forgotten spaces within the house, with Glenn Sestig’s new design, the kitchen is no longer the underdog.

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