Max Mara Atelier Fall 17


There are plenty of interesting start-up fashion brands combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology which intend to disrupt the market. They deliver exciting new perspectives. But the big players haven’t lost relevance: They’ve known the market for decades and have used that time to connect to and foster the most skilled artisans.

Max Mara Atelier is such a place. If you are looking for perfectly designed and meticulously crafted coats, look no further. It’s easy to sense the amount of knowledge that went into this collection. Not only by savouring the stunning minimalist designs which wouldn’t let you guess in which decade they were created, and will probably stay modern for years to come — it’s also evident in the classic details of craftsmanship that always give away high-end work.

A moment’s thought to imagine how that was all done with needles and thread by pairs of human hands, so regularly, so minutely, with such a combination of fine motor skills, eyesight, and heft… — Sarah Mower,, 24 Feb 2017

My favourite aspect about the Max Mara Atelier Fall 2017 collection is the way in which a longing for cozy covers and classy but sheltering shells is integrated into the designs. At the same time, the craftsmanship is not there for its own sake. It’s primarily used to emphasise these design aspects. That’s where the merits of the past and the discoveries of the future come together.

Photography courtesy of Max Mara.

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