Mihan Aromatics

graphic design

Mihan Aromatics’ debut collection is a thing of sublime and considered beauty. Each element that comprises the Melbourne-made collection is grounded on the individual connection each of us has with scent (and the senses), through a purposed tactility. A sensory journey of discovery, the three showcased scents—Mikado Bark, Sienna Brume, and Guilty Story—embody a somewhat Japanese aesthetic. The graphics and branding, directed by Peter Deering, is a clear extension of this ethos, in all its elements—minimal and physically engaging.

Mihan Aromatics’ products are expressed through an idea of experience. The way that each scent isn’t necessarily described in the expected way (referring to floral, fruit, and other inanimate objects), but instead to actions and emotive gestures. The ‘Mikado Bark’ (Immutable, Fastidious, Grounded) for example, describes a different personality to the ‘Sienna Brume’ (Effervescent, Supernatural, Tempting, Clever).

The creative and clearly engaging interaction with the user is of visible importance. The pinnacle of the measured experiential nature of this offering is the packaging and the bottle itself; topped with a sizeable and weighted metal element, where the desire to enquire as to its composition is roused; much like this collection.

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