Côte et Ciel FW17


If minimalism and careful construction lead your way in design, the never ending cycle of creating a new collection at least every six months becomes a mere cultural construct. An idea you follow not out of necessity, but mainly to go along with a systemic imposition.

Contemporary luggage and bag brand Côte et Ciel found a way to stay true to their idea of minimalism and engineering while delivering something new in a rhythm expected by the industry. They focus on new materials instead of new bags. Surely once in awhile, when a truly new design is ripe and capable of staying on for more than one season, it will be added to the line. But in between, it’s all about finding versatile, long-lasting and exciting new surfaces and even more durable or lightweight fabrics. It doesn’t even mean that the colour range needs to expand. Have a look for yourself and compare the quality of the all black Obsidian fabric, the black cowhide and the black memory tech bags. None of these variations exclude any of the others just because they are of the same colour. All of them offer something absolutely unique in material and design.

This is a smart strategy to deliver in a fast paced fashion environment while still adhering to the idea of minimalism and functionality. As the team of Côte et Ciel puts it:

Our bags are created to embrace the practical and poetic aspects of daily life: the familiar, the unexpected and the unexplored. Each piece is constructed to evolve with the wearer and the worlds they inhabit.

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