Manual NYC

Manual NYC is a photography company based in New York that specialises in analogue photography. This unique company stands apart in an era dominated by digital, offering a curated selection of films and vintage-inspired reusable cameras.

Born from a collaboration with the Korean industrial design studio (acasso), under the creative eye of Jake Lee, the premium film camera—MNL MK-I—is a blend of classic allure and modern design philosophy. It's a camera that feels as good as it looks: the anodised aluminium body and ergonomic matt silicone grip, a tactile invitation to photographers who love to engage with their instrument.

Every dial and button of the MNL MK-I has been crafted with an obsessive attention to detail, ensuring each click and turn is both satisfying and precise. Its transparent plastic accents provide a nod to the past while projecting a futuristic aura. In a world veering towards the virtual, the MNL MK-I is a testament to the enduring allure of film and a celebration of the analogue experience all wrapped up in an exquisite minimal design.

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