Vision Collection


There is fast and there is slow furniture. Pastoe make slow furniture. Patiently composed, carefully made, well taken care of. Furniture that ages well. Bold statements, expressed in simple wood and colour patterns, bringing well over 100 years of manufacturing to the table.

Pastoe’s Vision is a modular storage system with a great number of possibilities. The cabinet is completely mitered so that the fronts fit perfectly into the body and thus have a minimalist character. With separate elements, Vision lends itself to a playful composition on the wall. By combining hulls into Vision Elements, you can also design a TV cabinet with Pastoe’s configurator.

The Pastoe factory started in 1913 with the industrial production of chairs in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Since then the company has grown into a manufacturer of design furniture, deeply embedded in the Dutch Design tradition, led by designer Cees Braakman. In 2016 the factory moved to Houten, where the production process has been adapted to the requirements of the time. In a rapidly changing interior world, Pastoe survives through continuous innovation. In design, in service, in production, in materials, in quality and in colours. Today’s world is nothing like that of 1913.

Pastoe has completely focused on cabinets in recent years, under the motto; “The Storage Of Your Life“. Special cabinets with all the possibilities to add your own taste. In this way, all cabinets are unique. Styling and quality are the distinguishing features of Pastoe furniture. Long may that continue.

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