Muji Bluetooth Speaker

industrial design

Japanese company Muji has recently unveiled MJBTS-1, a new wall-mounted Bluetooth speaker. This good-looking piece is a  redesign of the classic CD-player by Naoto Fukusawa. While adhering to the  same minimalist aesthetic as the original, the new product is much more timely, as far as technology is concerned. It can be controlled by any Bluetooth-enabled device, like smartphone or a tablet, as well as a traditional remote. A built-in FM radio is another technological perk of the piece.

Designers purposely kept the shape of the MJBTS-1 similar to its predecessor, which took its inspiration from a humble kitchen fan. Perhaps not as metaphoric as the original design with its rotating CD, the unit still hints on that same idea.  And just like Fukusawa's classic it can be turned on and off by pulling the cord.

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