N Strips House


To balance the intricacies of the sharing economy is no easy feat, as each occupier hold its own agenda and dynamic. How does one share a 519sqm building? Jun Murata’s renovation project tends the tricky balance of office space and residence as one. Furthermore, it deviously managed to deal with a 39-year-old heritage in architecture and offers interesting functional and visual solutions.

Two facets of minimalism is craftily explored for N Strips: the first one is the manipulation of repetition to achieve rhythm on the striking façade; and the second one is the utter simplicity of the master room as a unifying entity of the building.

The best type of complexity is found on the beautiful exterior shell when the pattern offers great direct sunlight into the building, guarantees privacy with a unique twist, and as a solution for an uneven surface as new pipes on the wall could affect the visual harmony of the building with its neighbourhood.

The interior design takes a minimalist approach as it pares down the convoluted original plan to make it as streamlined as possible, all the while retaining the multi-function prerogative of the building. Amplitude is the key word, as each room is given room to breathe as the white cube approach fits perfectly.

The final touch is exquisite, as the theatrical quality of ikebana complements perfectly the abstract setting for creativity and meditation alike.

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