Native Union Marble Collection

industrial design

Cosmopolitan luxury brand Native Union has recently unveiled an innovative, unique collection of mobile accessories that feature real marble as its prominent material. The Marble Collection is an expanding line of marble tech accessories that currently encompasses three products: CLIC, DOCK and NIGHT.

CLIC Marble is an incredibly light, nimble iPhone 6 case made with a slice of marble as thin as a credit card, hand-polished and then laminated onto a fibreglass layer for flexibility, finally being fitted into the Native Union polycarbonate housing that is surprisingly strong and shatter-resistant.

DOCK unites form and function, serving at once as an Apple Watch charging base and beautiful object for the home. Precision engineered without screws, DOCK consists in two minimalist components that slot together magnetically — a solid marble base and a brushed metal rotating arm that locks into place, enabling use and navigation of the watch as it charges.

NIGHT is an extra-long (10 foot) charging cable with a real marble base, for iPod, iPhone or iPad. The cable has a lovely braided finish and features a hand-tied monkey knot that sits securely in the base, preventing it from dropping and serving as a sophisticated addition to desk or nightstand.

All items are available in black and white marble. My favourite thing about them is they have true functionality while doubling as elegant homeware. Marble is a material currently in high evidence, yet historically has always been revered, and NU's Luxury Tech collection uses it in a refreshing, satisfying way.

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