New Order 2.0

Stefan Diez

As our workspace and home environments change and evolve, so too does the need for more versatile ways of configuring those environments. How do we do that? Modular design. We all have individual requirements and how we see a functional and designed space is different from one person to the next.

New Order is an open-ended system comprising interconnecting aluminium parts and focused on versatility. All elements are modular, enabling infinite combinations and applications, while achieving a sustainable balance between functional variety and price. For New Order 2.0, developed in collaboration with the HAY team, Diez Office, led by German industrial designer Stefan Diez, has elevated the functionality and quality of the system by extending its infrastructure to include tables, panels, drawers, and doors, as well as workspace management solutions. New Order 2.0 can be installed using a single Allen Key. Developed to meet the requirements of a busy and ever-changing office environment, New Order enables people to engage more effectively with their workspace. Yet equally, this modular system can work just as effectively in a home environment.

New Order provides a structure that functions as a space dividing and space creating system. Composed of shelves, trays, and profiles in varying lengths and depths, New Order’s grid creates open-ended configurations, as well as compact arrangements supported by an infrastructure of sliding doors, drawers, and a variety of panels.

For instance, the table system is equipped with single and double leg profiles, facilitating both minimal desk solutions and larger set-ups for team-based work and study groups, as well as fulfilling the requirements of conference rooms and even space-saving home office setups.

The simplicity and versatility of New Order 2.0 is sublime. Not only is the system highly robust and long-lasting, you can select from a range of colours, mixing and matching to fit a particular aesthetic. Needless to say, the charcoal is a particular favourite.

The son of a cabinetmaker, where he received his first training, Stefan Diez’s approach to design is always firmly rooted in the workshop, where he gets to indulge his passion for material experimentation. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Stuttgart and his products have received international acclaim. Diez takes a future facing approach to design, advocating the notion that design should be about creating durable quality products for generations to come.

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