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Here is an opportunity to witness Minimalissimo branching out beyond pure visual design. It is an exercise of minimalism as the underlining principles behind a solution.

The concept of a silver bullet is often regarded as a risky endeavour to pursue, especially in scenarios where there are more than one party involved. Rooted in folklore tales, said silver bullet is a metaphor for a simple and straightforward solution to a complex problem. It is not easy to achieve such a standard, particularly in design.

Imagine being a design agency and taking care of a client’s identity and branding. The constant need for dialogue is a surefire way to interfere in the intent and how the flow of information goes from one side to the other. The daily process of building a brand from scratch and then applying it in the real world can be taxing. Furthermore, the platforms to communicate can easily become convoluted and the opposite of simplicity.

Brandpad is a silver bullet.

The platform is a tool for designers and brands to create, handover, and efficiently maintain projects. Based on the intent of simplifying the communication between designers and their clients, it is a solution built from the ground up to act as a convenient channel to access logos, layouts, and brand guides. It is undoubtedly an elegant solution to the problem a lost email can cause, since Brandpad is cloud-based and the updates are live. What the designers save is instantly available to the clients.

Behind such a complex scenario, the Brandpad design team relied on a clear and simple aesthetic to be the foundation of the user experience: minimalism. The lightweight and clear visuals are responsive and easy on the eyes, since it’s an interactive guideline. There is no need for coding. Instead, it acts as a canvas. The team behind the platform’s design understands the intricacies of the process of building a brand guide and translates it to a transparent and convenient space.

Brandpad relies on minimalism beyond visual identity—it is the foundation of a simplified and elegant solution. It is both a streamlined and functional platform for design to prosper. A rare find indeed.

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