graphic design

Nukak is a brand of bags made from recycled materials—mainly using street flags—that recently repositioned its brand with the help of Basora, a Barcelona-based graphic design studio.

The brand’s main purpose was to evolve to a more serious target, considering that they had developed colourful and commercial products under the name of Vaho. That brand has since been replaced with this new identity of Nukak, the name of the last nomadic tribe in South America.

So Basora focused its proposal on the concept of nomad and movement, symbolising it in a subtle, modern, and quite brilliant way: the GPS coordinates, of which its symbols, were included in the logo and are the base of the identity and the marketing actions. Two examples: each store has its own coordinates on the front and, in some communications, clients were invited to events by receiving only the GPS coordinates. Just brilliant.

And all designed in a predominantly black, monochrome palette, to keep the brand as neutral as possible and give the focus on the products.

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