La Cubica

Aldo Rossi
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Dedicated to those who love Aldo Rossi's undisputed talent for translating his architectural language into small works of design, the La Cubica cocotte is an extraordinary object originally designed in 1991. Made for Italian kitchenware brand ALESSI, the casserole pot's form is that of a simple square volume. For gourmets in the private sphere looking for high performance instruments, a "cooking box" that responds perfectly to its function. Excellent for preparing risotto, meat, and many other dishes, the kitchen utensil is ideal for healthy, low-fat cooking.

La Cubica finds its place in ALESSI's 100 Values Collection to mark the brand's centenary. A collection of unpublished objects to celebrate 100 years of research in the field of applied arts and the beginning of a new century of experimentation.

A cubic casserole pot, as wonderful as it is, seems contrary to common sense, and yet you can prepare many recipes in it without the slightest problem. Aldo Rossi's fascination with the expressive force of geometric solids is well known and runs through his work as a common thread. La Cubica is a fine example of this. A transgression probably inspired by the square-based pots and pans used in Japanese gastronomic culture, which the designer had experienced during the Il Palazzo hotel complex project, built in the late 1980s in Fukuoka.

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