Oil Collection


Sarah & Sebastian’s Oil Collection is everything it implies; slickness abounds. The collection sees a series of jewellery pieces, from minimal earrings, necklaces and rings. Each piece is fabricated from 14k gold, with ruthenium plated surfaces with black diamonds and natural sapphires. The colour combinations of the varied reflections created from their composition are intended to imbue that of oil itself. The resulting sense of liquidity and depth of surface is so beautifully executed, as is the way the subtle nods to pooling of liquid and the circle, are brought together. The play on oil and water is obvious, and so incredibly well done.

Based out of Sydney, Australia, the duo Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofti started the label in 2011 and since have been collaborating with leading innovative fashion brands on custom and bespoke ranges, as well as their RTW collections. With backgrounds in industrial design, the resulting fresh and diverse approach to adornment has been an exciting journey.

Sarah & Sebastian have evolving collaborations with Dion Lee and their presence in the fashion world is only growing. Beautifully conceived and subtle in their approach, their statement pieces and the evolution of this brand is something to be excited about.

Photography courtesy of Justin Ridler.

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