Studio Lenzing

Hamburg, Germany
Studio Lenzing
Ken Giang

Studio Lenzing are well known for their painstaking minimalist UI and UX product design. Founded around 4 years ago by Leander Lenzing and Malte Körte, the team has been growing, and recently moved to a bigger office space, designed with the same level of attention to detail and minimalism they apply to their work. We even had the pleasure of collaborating on a couple of projects together. Namely M–SLM–613 and M–SLM–880.

Studio Lenzing’s new office is located in the Altona district in Hamburg. Once a Danish town, today is a hotspot for creativity and talent in the city. A perfect neighbourhood for the studio and for its people—employees, clients and friends—to gather, collaborate, and share working life together.

The space is an airy and diaphanous 320 square-metres two-story volume. Clean concrete floors and white walls are only contrasted and balanced by blocking dark features, like the steel stairs that connect both levels.

Downstairs sits a big open workspace, where the team collaborates and shares time together. Spacious working stations are furnished with Johanenlies tables and Apple XDR Displays, creating a perfect symmetry. Besides the stations lays the dining space, with a bespoke table by Johanenlies and a cozy coffee corner always catered with fresh beans from Elbgold, fresh fruit and vegan goods. A gorgeous set of Hay’s New Order shelves, stuffed with design books and stationery, separates both ambiences.

Management offices and meeting rooms are upstairs. This allows for everyone at the team for a better focus when necessary, and for visits to sit in a comfortable, quiet room with the team. Conference rooms are dressed with stripped back furniture and always ready to use, equipped and interconnected with video and sound technology. They also feature beautiful sound isolation panels by Baux. Everything designed for privacy and collaboration with team and clients, with comfortable space for project meetings, visits, workshops, and user testings.

Studio Lenzing’s new office is a wonderful example of stripped back interior design, applied to a working environment. A calm space for inspiration, creation, and better interactions. An embracing room for people (and pets). A blank canvas for design. If you visit Hamburg, pass by and enjoy a coffee with Leander, Malte, and the team.

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