Piazzetta Shelves

Atelier Ferraro
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Fabian Frinzel

In a future where raw materials won't be as abundantly available as they once were, the role of the designer will centre more and more around finding new creative and functional resources in the irregular and imperfect. In this spirit the young design studio Atelier Ferraro re-interprets the famous motto "form follows function" with a small series of household furniture titled, the form follows the rest.

As part of this series, the studio designed the beautiful geometric system, Piazzetta Shelves. The design pays homage to the Italian piazzas, where the sacred and the profane have always mingled. These minimalist small wall shelves are perfect for displaying and storing a variety of objects, from your most precious to the everyday. The space between the tower and the wall can store letters or small books. The dimensions vary slightly as each Piazzetta shelf is unique, and come in several colours.

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