Seaside Abode

Norm Architects
Lead Architect
Linda Korndal
Interior Designers
Laura Bilde, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Minimalissimo favourites Norm Architects are known for their practical contemporary creations, consistently blending their Danish heritage with a soft minimalist sensibility. Seaside Abode continues the trend as a unique coastal home, located in the region of North Zealand, offering simplicity alongside luxurious design elements. Such a balancing act is a statement of the architect’s accomplishments.

The project is an interior renovation effort of a 200 square metre dwelling. The opportunity to revamp the programme and interior design was not taken lightly, as every room excels with a fresh perspective. The flooring showcases a striking grey tone, in contrast to the brightness the large windows and opening offers in parallel. Darker pastel tones were employed throughout, from the handpicked decór to the wall panels. Even though there are no monochromatic elements, it still a very minimalist residence all the same.

A Nordic identity was infused throughout, from the fabrics to the textures found scattered in each room. And yet, it is the blurred lines between inside and outside living that becomes the abode’s main prerogative. The all-natural materials were utilised to complement the surroundings. Norm explains to us:

The ambition to bring nature into the space comes from a wish to reclaim a connection with nature—an ambition shared by many people in todays increasingly digital and urbanised world.

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