Pin Lamp

industrial design

Ichiro Iwasaki for VIBIA sees the Pin lamp available as a counter-activity of form and function. Weighted with a heavy metal disc base, with a streamlined and thin arching line that provides light, Pin plays with contrasts. The collection is available in both floor and table lamp options, and in four colours: black, white, cream and green, in a matt finish. The physical elements of the lamp collection have been re-imagined to address the new realties of LED technology and the result is this beautiful and streamlined formal composition.

Heading up his own studio in Tokyo, Japan, Ichiro Iwasaki is the creative behind this collaboration with VIBIA. Iwasaki has a portfolio that has a global footprint, and ranges from industrial, furniture and electronic design. VIBIA’s manufacturing capacity and connective outreach sees Pin able to have a larger outreach. Deliberately neutral and beautifully feigned, this beauty sits unobtrusively and intelligently in any space. Despite the ongoing diversification of values among people living in the present age, a lot of people still cherish comfort of life as it has always been.

Photography courtesy of VIBIA.

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