Idokoro House


This beautifully linear house has been completed by mA-Style Architects in Shizouka, Japan. The building consists of two volumes connected by a wooden patio. On a sunny day, the sliding glass doors can be opened, and the entire footprint of the house can become one room. The different levels of the interior are accessible via ladders that are minimal and transparent. I like how fluid the layout is. Every room, aside from kitchen and bathroom, is interchangeable and can be used as the mood or necessity dictates. Designers elaborate: 

Although Idokoro is merely somewhat ambiguous, it produces various scenes. Idokoro also brings various expression and sense of distance to space. 

Another interesting element is the combination of different wooden textures. Artfully alternated and put against the white backdrop of the walls, they create perspective and warmth.  These wooden frames also pay stylistic homage to traditional Japanese architecture.

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