industrial design

Plug is a beautiful monolithic object made from a single block of Carrara marble with multiple uses. If placed on the floor, it acts as an umbrella stand that supports three umbrellas in their upright position. Otherwise, when placed on a table, it can function as a candle holder, expressing at its best, the honest grace of marble. Plug is made in Carrara by skilled marble workers in which it is realised through a CNC process, and then carefully refined by hand. Different uses turn this austere object into a fun item.

Plug is part of the ZPSTUDIO TOOLS collection — a project of self-production by ZPSTUDIO — a Florence-based architecture and design office. The studio has been focusing recently on self-production through research between traditional and avant-garde techniques.

I love projects made by independent studios using typical materials from their land. In this case, the beautiful region of Tuscany, Italy.

Photography by ZPSTUDIO TOOLS.

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