Gerhardt Kellermann

Office furniture should be flexible because it allows us to respond to a context that is changing. From where we are, we cannot predict what the office of the future will look like, but products should be designed with consideration for openness, meaning, and allowing a variety of uses.

A combination of seating and table, Pony is the tenth furniture piece to emerge from the collaboration of Gumpo and Munich-based design studio Relvãokellermann.

“Relvãokellermann‘s design initially combined everything we don‘t do,” says Sebastian Waibel, managing director of Gumpo. The furniture manufacturer from Bavaria has a long tradition; they see themselves as a wood-processing industrial company and specialise in the processing and finishing of panel material. Pony, on the other hand, is predominantly upholstered seating furniture with an organic form.

As Pony is made almost exclusively of wood, many operations are carried out by hand: the outer shell is layer-glued and pressed into shape at the production site in Teisbach. The column is also a tube of wood, allowing all parts to be coated with the same finish in the in-house paint shop. “The process is, of course, much more manual than we are used to, but the result is worth it,” says Sebastian Waibel.

Pony is an environmentally friendly and versatile piece of minimal furniture. A combination of seating and table that works in both public and private spaces. Pony can be used intuitively; you can sit sideways next to the table or directly behind it, so it can be used either as a shelf or as a small work surface. The round top can be rotated off-centre, making position and spacing easily adjustable.

As standard, Pony is available in six finishes and six fabrics, but Gumpo can respond to individual customer and architect requests.

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